Data Management

ARS offers complete Data Management and Processing Services, List Selection, List Management and Data Manipulation are important to the success of today’s Direct Mail and Marketing campaigns.

Data Expertise is crucial to your success.

ARS offers complete Data Management and Processing Services, including: Data File Conversion; Address Standardization; Presorting; Dupe Elimination; CASS Certification; File Suppression; Sorting and Sequencing; Keycode Assignment; Merge/Purge; Special Programming and Reporting, and other Data Management Services.


Our highly experienced professionals are equipped with a powerful network infrastructure, which includes the latest Data Management and file manipulation software necessary to handle any digital, laser, or inkjet project. Together, with a formal and structured process, we are able to standardize, merge, purge, and massage any database to optimize and achieve the most economically efficient postal discounts available.

A competitive marketing advantage

Custom Campaign

ARS can develop a custom Campaign that is accurate, efficient and effective. We help you create custom campaigns, packages and solutions that specifically meet your project requirements and expectations.

Knowledgable Team

You can expect exceptional customer service when you work with ARS. Our Team is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and accommodating, and current with industry practices, requirements, and state of the art solutions. We have over 67 years’ experience in the industry!

Coordinating and Delivering

ARS helps you with every deliverable, whether large or small, and will complete the project on-time, and within budget. Our location allows us to take advantage of a major Midwest mailing hub and on-site USPS verification which results direct savings to you.