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ARS provides the Client with a competitive marketing advantage by tailoring, coordinating and delivering, customized campaigns.

3rd Shift Production Supervisor

Rogers, MN \ Full-time

ARS is a growing direct mail company whose vision is to anticipate the needs of all our clients through powerful customer service. We offer a competitive earnings package. Your enthusiasm and abilities will be recognized and rewarded.


Job Summary:

This position is responsible for the smooth operation of the production floor and meeting all project schedules and deadlines within the customer satisfaction guidelines set by the Company. This position is also responsible for ensuring all policies, procedures, processes, employees and safety measures are carried out on the Production Floor. The Shift Supervisor is ultimately responsible for the production, actions and performance of all production floor employees.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Identifying and assigning production staff to the machines best equipped for their ability to maximize production numbers, while ensuring the highest level of quality achievable.
  • Communicating with the Production Staff prior to, during, and following the completion of their shift, where necessary.
  • Managing the Production Staff, which includes informing them of their daily/hourly goals; Monitoring their progress towards achieving their daily/hourly goals, and; Correcting any situation which calls for improvement (i.e., additional training, education, etc.).
  • Coordinates with the warehouse in a timely fashion any product needs so that there is minimal, to no, downtime during the production day.
  • Ensures that the shop floor is orderly and organized – before, during and at the completion of their shift. The Shop Floor is to represent a professional, clean at all times, environment. The Shop Floor includes the entire shop after walking through the doors to the Production Floor (i.e., Warehouse, etc.).
  • Makes sure the production schedule is carried out and executed – and/or – adjustments are made after consulting with the Production Manager should there be any issues. This includes making sure machines are set up when they are scheduled to be set up, and running the way they are suppose to run in order to achieve the established goals.
  • Ensures that Quality Control checks are being done hourly to provide accurate and proper levels of productivity.
  • Ensures that ALL Company policies and procedures are followed, and applied equally to everyone representing the Production Floor (i.e., Machine Operators, Laser Operators, Bindery Operators, Affixers, Mail, Warehouse, etc.).
  • Coordinates and reviews the training for all lettershop personnel associated with their shift, or training on the shift to be moved to another shift following training.
  • Coordinates and reviews, and works with the Production Manager/General Manager, to approve all Vacation Requests.
  • Prepares all necessary reports and documents to provide accurate and detailed records for the Production Manager/General Manager.
  • Schedules and directs daily production team meetings providing accurate feedback to the Production Manager/General Manager that will assist in business decision-making.
  • Troubleshoots and solves all lettershop problems occurring on the shift.



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 5+ years management experience
  • Strong communication skills; strong management skills; team player
  • Ability to multitask
  • Strong Knowledge of postal requirements
  • Strong Knowledge of Inserting Machines; Inkjets; Lasers; Affixers; Bindery, and; All other Ancillary Processes associated with a Mailshop, including but not limited to, Tabbing, Labelairing, Streamfeeding, etc.
  • Strong communication skills